Adding Photos to Your Listing

The key factor that inspires most of our users into making a booking, are a location’s amazing images. If you are going to go the extra mile with any part of your listing, it should be with your photographs. Images are make or break for the success of a listing, they are the first impression on bookers, and in some cases, solely what your listing will be judged on. Our bookers are creatives and want to be able to visualise their finished projects from your images.

The first image you upload is essential, this is the image that will be featured first on the search page and on the banner at the top of your listing page. Pick the image of your property that shows off its selling feature, this might be the most beautifully decorated room, the manicured grounds, or amazing architecture. For everyday homes, the main thing that bookers are looking for is interior shots, so focus on this as your featured image.

It is essential that images clearly show off the location, both the interior and exterior, ensure that there are images of all the rooms and all the features that are available to bookers. Our bookers are often looking for very specific and surprising things in their locations, so no detail is too much.

Whether your location is a small cosy space or a vast estate, this is a chance to show off the location's unique features and individual design flair. Images can translate the personality of each listing to bookers and separate your listing from any similar properties on Film Locations. 

For more guidance on what makes great location images, you can follow our informative photography guide here.

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