The Booking Process


You can search for a location based on your criteria, search by location, type of property or a feature you are really keen on for your shoot. There are also advanced filters you can turn on to further narrow down your search.


Make an enquiry directly with the owner. It helps to get things moving quickly if you include lots of information about your shoot, how many crew members there will be on the day, and how you plan to use the property. If the day rate for the property is also a little outside of your budget, then this is a good chance to ask what the owner can do for you.

Arrange the Details

Ensure you discuss all the details of your shoot with the owner so that you both have all the information needed to proceed with the booking. If you have a specific budget for your shoot or special requirements, this is the time to bring them up with the owner and hammer out all the details. 

Booking a Recce

You might want to book a recce with the owner, this allows you to go over and inspect the property and make sure that everything is up to your expectations and will be suitable for your shoot. Owners should not charge you for this.


If you are happy with everything and want to go ahead with your booking then you can ask the owner to accept your original request to book or you can make a new request with any updated terms. Once the owner accepts your request, you can pay using the card you have in your payment profile (if you don’t have one yet, set this up before you book). Once this payment is complete, your shoot is booked in our system and you can start preparing for the big day.

What Happens on the Day?

We hope your shoot goes really well, but if you have any issues with the location, then the first step is to get in touch with the owner, but if they are not able to help, or you have a dispute at the location, then get in touch with and we can assist you (Monday to Friday; 09:00-18:00). 

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