Getting Paid

How Payments Work

When signing up to list your location on Film Locations, you will create a payment profile, this enables our clients to pay you directly with either a credit or debit card. This both protects owners and our clients from any illegal activity such as potential fraud. Stripe (who provides the service) will ask you for your details and will cross check this with government records ensuring that you say who you say you are. No money is taken from you to verify your account.

We ask you to add your bank details in the listing creation stage so that you can start taking bookings right away, this ensures that there are no issues further into the process with uploading and verifying your payment details, this can slow down you taking a booking, or even the booker deciding to look elsewhere.

If any booking is secured on Film Locations, but paid for off site, this will result in the removal of your account as neither the owner or producer are protected by our contracts.

Bank Details

We care a lot about your security and privacy, that is why we keep your information protected with enhanced protection practices, we partner with Stripe for managing all our payments, they are one of the world's leading payment companies with some of the world's most sophisticated security, so you can be assured that your details are treated with the utmost confidentiality and security.

Your bank details are not accessible to anyone else. 

Your bank details are never used to take payments. 

Your bank details are only used to transfer the payments for successful bookings from the bookers accounts to yours.


At Film Locations, we do not require that the price displayed on your listing is inclusive of VAT. 

Charging VAT on your listing(s) is dependent on you or your company's individual financial circumstances. Many listings on Film Location fall below the threshold for paying VAT, and it is your responsibility to determine if you are eligible to pay VAT rates on your listing(s), consult a tax advisor or accountant.

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