Receiving a Booking

So you have completed your location listing and you are ready to take bookings, here is exactly how a booking works on Film Locations.


First you will receive an enquiry from a prospective booker, when you get an enquiry you will receive an email notification to the email registered on your account, if you don't regularly check this email, we would recommend changing the email on your account, as missing an enquiry can lose you money.

The enquiry from the booker should contain all the details you would need to know to accept the booking, but if you want any more clarification from the booker, don't hesitate to ask them about it, it's best to both be fully clued up before going any further.

If you can't accept the booking for any reason it is also best to let the booker know that. Repeatedly not responding to messages might get your property delisted from Film Locations.

Accepting a Booking

If you have agreed all of the details with the booker, they have completed their recce, (or they are happy to go ahead without one), then you can accept the booking request. If this has expired then you can ask the booker to make a new request for you to accept.

Changing the Price

If you and the booker come to an agreement on pricing that is different to what is displayed on your listing, you can temporarily change the price on your listing. When the booker is ready to pay, change the price, this will allow the booker to make a request at that price. After the booker has paid, you can immediately return the price to its original value.

Booking a Recce

Bookers might want to come and take a look at your location in person, this is called a recce. You should not charge a booker for this. A recce will be an assessment of the location to determine if your space is right for their project.

No matter the circumstances, do not agree in a recce to complete the booking outside of Film Locations. Importantly you will lose any protections film locations provides in assisting with your booking, insurance, compliance and payments. You also will be delisted from Film Locations and lose future bookings.


Once you have accepted the booking, the producer will pay the total immediately. This secure the booking for the dates times and other criteria agreed upon with the booker.

On the Day

On the day you will most likely be expected to vacate the property for the duration of the shoot. You (or a representative) should be there to welcome the booker to your property at the beginning of the shoot, and then return to see them off at the end. You should agree with the booker if they're happy for you to remain on premises while the shoot is taking place.

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