How to Price Your Location

Adding a Price to Your Listing

The price you list your location at should reflect the value of a one day hire of your entire property. Including VAT in the advertised price is optional.

Pricing doesn’t have to be set in stone. A lot of bookers are looking for great places but have limited budgets, if you are happy to slide your pricing for the right booker then this might still net you a booking and a tidy bit of money in your pocket. After receiving enquiries you can change your original price to reflect an agreed rate with the booker.

If you have additional extra costs at your location, make these clear to your booker. Many bookers expect additional charges for extra crew members, out of hours bookings or equipment. Settling on a price, and then finding out there is a big list of additional fees is a real turn off for any booker. So make sure that this is clear and transparent from the beginning. A great place to put this is in the additional information section of your listing. You can change the price of your listing to bookers based on what extras they require.Pricing your listing just right is a tricky call, but there are some great ways to do a bit of quick and easy research and pick a price that suits you and your location. 

How to Choose the Right Price

Firstly, take a look at what similar properties are listed for on the site, use search terms that are similar to what your property offers, and you can use the advanced filters to narrow down your search.

Check the location. Prices vary across the country depending on demand for filming in certain areas, so locations in popular areas can often command higher rates. This can vary based on the factors such as the uniqueness of your property, but otherwise, this is a general rule to follow when picking a price. So if your property is more remote or isn’t a particularly unusual property then you might want to consider a lower price than similar properties listed in more popular areas.

Lastly, ask yourself what price you would be happy with. You have to be personally satisfied that you are getting good value and significant returns on your property. If you think that your property is worth more than what you have found in your research try pricing it at what you feel is appropriate and see how it goes. You can adjust your pricing on your listing at any time.

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