Adding a Description and Additional Information to Your Listing


A good description is one of the most essential criteria for a successful listing, this is one of the first things that potential bookers will see, and it is the golden opportunity for you to sell the unique features, the history, personality and all the individual character of your property, demonstrating to bookers why they should book it over similar properties.

Your success may hinge upon the tiniest detail, bookers will often be looking for something very specific in a listing, by providing as much relevant detail as possible, you might just catch the eye of a prospective booker. However, don’t go overboard, this isn’t Wikipedia, and bookers are busy people, the description still needs to be concise and straight to the point.

Additional Information

There is also a section to pop in some additional information you think that the booker should be aware of. Just some of the things our bookers love to know are;

The size of rooms, ceiling height, available natural light, ambient noise, parking availability, cost of additional parking, number of crew that can comfortably fit in the property, additional charges for extra crew, overtime, building power supply and sockets, additional facilities available at the location.

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